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For client satisfaction

Quality is at the heart of our priorities and requirements. Our quality policy defines our strategy, motivates us on a daily basis and allows us to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers. Today, we are proud to share this commitment with you. Our quality policy has been recognized with the ISO 9001 certification in 2013.

ISO 9001 is an international standard established by the International Organization for Standardization. It defines a series of requirements specific to the implementation of a quality management system within a company, regardless of its size and field of activity.

Its objective is to help companies move towards continuous improvement to achieve customer satisfaction by applying a strategic orientation driven by management and based on efficiency, performance and improvement. It therefore commits the organization to a continuous improvement process, and allows it to remain in compliance with our requirements, and those of the customers, as well as with the customers expectations and satisfaction.
The ISO 9001 standard is a pledge of seriousness which demonstrates to our partners that customer satisfaction is at the heart of our objectives by organizing and controlling it.
Currently, our quality management program is focused on the following actions:

Commitment to optimal customer service :
Our teams are committed to responding to our customers within a defined timeframe, allowing an optimized and responsive exchange while promoting a privileged contact.
We solicit our customers opinion through a dedicated email address (feedback[at]pok-fire.com).
We take into account all of our customers requirements in order to meet their needs and expectations.

We work notably on the following aspects :

  • Economic: Market adapted pricing, logistic costs reduction ;
  • Environmental: Lighter, more compact products, reduced water consumption, use of rainwater to carry out our tests (see environmental policy) ;
  • Industrial: More efficient and innovative machines ;
  • Quality: Parts control (self-checking, dimension, metrology, etc.), product conformity test, after sales service, processing and responses to non-quality incidents ;
  • Innovation/Improvement: Benchmark.

Regulations compliance :
Our manufacturing process is based on collaborative work between the technical teams and general services to produce a wide range of products meeting the most demanding standards. We thus guarantee optimal quality and safety of our equipment.

Guaranteeing manufactured products quality :
To guarantee our products performance level, static and dynamic tests in real world conditions are an integral part of our manufacturing process. Therefore, 100% of hand nozzles and over 95% of POK products are tested before shipping.

Employees skills development:
A proficiency chart is created and used for each department in order to draft our recruitment offers according to our real needs. This support allows us to evaluate each of our employees in order to define necessary and effecient training. Integration processes are followed for each new employee, including the different phases of training, ensuring a level of performance suited to the profession.

Innovation and reliability :
Thanks to our engineers, we develop ever more innovative, reliable, and efficient products. Some of our innovations are designed in collaboration between our engineering team and our customers.

Open to the world :
We export the majority of our products to over 100 countries.

Improving our performance :
The process review planning allows us to update our processes regularly and identify improvements to be made. A management review is planned to measure, analyze and evaluate our performance. Thus, we determine the opportunities for continuous improvement and implement all necessary actions to achieve the expected results.

An audit program is established to provide information to determine if our management system is effective compliant with our requirements and those of the international standard.
Our quality management program, described above, is designed to meet all expectations that will ensure our facilities proper operation and our customers satisfaction.

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