POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - Case Study N° 3: Marina Militare, ITALY
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Case Study N°3: Marina Militare, ITALY

Custom made products: Legende multiflow

At POK®, we know that it is important to listen to our customers to innovate. Even with its 4,500 items, our product development department actively engages with all customers to design innovative solutions responding to their needs.

Customer needs

POK has been manufacturing hand nozzles for years, including designing products enabling users to control the stream via the head ring from straight to spray. With the users safety in mind; POK with the Italian Navy (Marina Militare) sought a solution to protect firefighters from the heat by allowing them to simultaneously combine straight and spray flows.

POK's solution

POK had previously developed its Combipok; a device inserted between the shutoff and the tip of the nozzle. Indeed the tip of the nozzle had to be unscrewed to insert the Combipok. However, in this case the customer requirements were clear, the product needed to be a single unit that could not be dismantled. POK successfully in a very short time modified the nozzle of its Legende, a product with a flow rate up to 475L/min by adding a head ring which, when sliding it, combines a straight flow and a spray . With this modification, POK was able to offer a nozzle with automatic pressure control, adjustable flow rates and adjustable stream patterns with the possibility to combine straight jet and spray.

Final results

Thanks to this fantastic product, POK was awarded the contract of the Italian Navy and supplied about 2,000 nozzles to the Marina Militare. The technology implemented on the Legende 475L/min was then copied onto the Legende 750L/min which became successful amongst the chinese refineries.

Always wanting to satisfy its customers, POK designed simultaneously a truly innovative mount to fix the Legende on the boats of the Italian Navy as well as an eductor in bronze to enable the Legende to throw foam! A complete solution for a happy customer is our motto at POK!

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