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Case study N°1 : Airbus, CHINA

Custom made product: The Enet solution

At POK®, we know that it is important to listen to our customers to innovate. Even with its 4,500 items, our product development department actively engages with all customers to design innovative solutions responding to their needs.

Customer needs

Airbus is an international pioneer in the aerospace industry. The company sought fire protection solutions for buildings. Specifically, Airbus needed to protect one of its large high-security warehouse in China with high-quality equipment.

POK's solution

POK has won this market with a complete and innovative solution. POK's engineers suggested the E-Net, a system enabling the control of several monitor hoses from various locations through an Ethernet network.

In response to Airbus' requests, POK suggested the installation of 8 monitors all connected through an Ethernet network to cover the entire area and bring the necessary volume of water.

Each monitor is equipped with a camera and a video transmitter to enable feedback from the panel directly to the operator. Each monitor can be either operated locally using the wired control panel or from the control room via the desk remote control or from another building thanks to its Bus connected through fiber optic.

The system integrates command control cards for monitors interfacing with the desk and the industrial Bus, plus cameras for video feedback. The E-Net is also fitted with a backup power supply in case of power failure and selected optical couplers. POK also designed a remote control panel fitted with a 12" color screen. Finally, the E-Net includes a defined control process with priority and document management.

Final results

Post-development, POK installed on the customer's industrial site 8 motorized monitors with guns and diffusers, 8 control units with power supply (with back-up), 8 wired control panels and a control desk (remote control panel with video feedback).

Under POK's full-service offer, tests were also carried out and training given to our customer to guarantee the best conditions of use.

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