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Our Network

A network trusted worldwide

Over the last 40 years, POK® has built a strong network of users across 100+ countries. Fire protection is not limited to firefighters; to help everyone, POK actively engages with entities from various industries.

Here is a short excerpt of some of the great entities we are working with to create and supply specialist equipments:


  • The CNES (the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales) in the French Guiana for hand nozzles, monitors, diffusers, waterwall nozzles, fans, hoses, couplings, and wrenches.

Air Force

  • The French Air Force (Armée de l'Air) for couplings and dividers


  • International Airport of Noumea (New Caledonia) for hand nozzles, couplings, wrenches and hose bridges
  • International Airport of Agadir (Morocco) for hose reels
  • International Airport of Algiers (Algeria) for hose reels

Armed Forces

  • French Armed Forces (Armée de Terre) for couplings and dividers

Building Industry

  • Vinci (France) for dry riser inlet valves

Chemical companies

  • BASF (Germany) for hose reels, couplings, monitors and foam equipment
  • OCP (Morocco) for trailers, monitors, couplings, and dividers

Energy Sector

  • ONEE (Office National d'Eau et d'Electricité) in Morocco for monitors, hand nozzles, and hose reels

Fire brigades

  • Junta Nacional de Cuerpos de Bomberos (Chile) for hand nozzles and dividers
  • Tehran Fire Brigade (Iran) for hand nozzles
  • Nesbur Fire Brigade (Iran) for monitors, branchpipes, eductors and foam branchpipes
  • Karaj Fire Brigade (Iran) for hand nozzles
  • Cuerpo General de Bomberos Voluntarios (Peru) for hand nozzles
  • Peking Fire Brigades (China) for nozzles and monitors
  • Shanghai Fire Brigades (China) for nozzles and monitors
  • Guangdong Fire Brigades(China) for nozzles and monitors
  • Macau Fire Brigades (China) for nozzles and monitors
  • Cologne Fire Brigade (Germany) for nozzles and monitors
  • Hong Kong Fire Brigades (China) for nozzles and monitors
  • Bordeaux Fire Brigades (France) for nozzles, monitors and couplings

Fire truck manufacturers

  • Iveco (Italy) for hand nozzles, hose reels, motorized monitors, couplings, and wrenches
  • Rosenfire (Italy) for Hand nozzles, monitors, dividers, and couplings
  • Iturri (Spain) for hose reels, foam branchpipes and strainers
  • Carrozzeria Chinetti (Italy) for hand nozzles, hose reels, eductors, strainers, couplings, and wrenches
  • Feumotech (Switzerland) for nozzles, monitors, and dividers
  • Wawrzaszek (Poland) for nozzles and accessories
  • Rosenbauer (Austria) for nozzles, couplings, B-type pressure valves, and accessories
  • Iskada (Lithuania) for nozzles, dividers, and accessories
  • Romprim (Romania) for standpipes, hoses, monitors, and accessories
  • Empl Fahrzeugwerk (Germany) for nozzles, dividers, and accessories

Mining Industry

  • Endevour (Burkina Faso) for mobile foam units


  • The US Navy for hand nozzles
  • The Armada Española (Spain) for hand nozzles
  • The Marina Militare (Italy) for hand nozzles, eductors and foam stations

Nuclear Industry

  • Nuclear power station of Santa Maria de Garona (Spain) for monitors, dividers, flow meters, calibrated gauges and hose bridges
  • China National Nuclear Corporation (China) for nozzles and monitors
  • CGNPC (China General Nuclear Power Corporation) for nozzles and monitors

Oil and Gas Industry

  • South Pars (Iran) for monitors, diffusers, and monitors on trailers
  • NIOPDC (Iran) for hand nozzles, eductors and foam branchpipes
  • Boo Ali Sina Petrochemical (Iran) for eductors and mobile foam units
  • Arvand Petrochemical (Iran) for monitors and diffusers
  • Milazzo Refinery (Italy) for monitors, water diffusers, power foam, shutoffs and "ram" nozzles
  • BP (Australia) for monitors
  • CNPC (China) for monitor nozzles
  • Sinopec (China) for monitor nozzles
  • Sonatrach (Algeria) for monitors, nozzles, foam equipments, standpipes and trailers
  • Société Tunisienne d'Industrie de Raffinage (Tunisia) for monitors and foam equipments
  • Samir (Morocco) for hand nozzles and foam chambers

Recycling Industry

  • Mondi (Morocco) for hose reels

Shipbuilding Industry

  • STX St Nazaire (France) for monitors and foam stations
  • DCNS (France) for monitors and foam stations


  • Airbus Tientsin Assemble Plant (China) for monitors
  • Ameco (China) for monitors

And many more.

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