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Leading to succeed

POK® is a family business where experience and know-how are entwined with creativity and integration of technologies. For generations and still nowadays, POK's forefront value is to achieve its long-term goals and not quick profits.

For more than 40 years, the company has been using "management by exception"; POK's employees are encouraged to take decisions and our leadership team to offer guidance and support.

Bruno Grandpierre (Engineer E.N.S.E.M.)
Founder and President

Phone: +33 (0)3 25 39 84 78
Email: bruno.grandpierre [at] pok-fire.com

Bruno Grandpierre is the founder and President of POK. He started the business from nothing in 1976; created a unique manufacturing site and established a brand in firefighting equipment that is now recognized worldwide. He can be proud of not only his entrepreneurial and technical achievements but also for allowing hundreds of employees during these forty years to participate in a very beautiful personal and professional adventure. The enrichment of "human capital" is Bruno 's greatest success.

Bruno Grandpierre knows POK inside out from the development of new and innovative fire protection products, to technical purchasing, own and private labeling, mergers, company acquisitions, business transitions, takeovers, outsourcing, insourcing, spin-offs and joint ventures. Originally, a qualified and passionate engineer with a strong business knowledge who is also fluent in french, english, and german; Bruno Grandpierre has left his stamp on all aspects of the business and now focuses on the company's strategy but remains available.


Alexandra Grandpierre Ph.D.
Managing Director

Phone: +33 (0)3 25 39 84 78
Email: alexandra.grandpierre [at] pok-fire.com

After studying and working abroad for several years; Alexandra Grandpierre,Ph.D, took over the role of Managing Director of POK in 2012. A qualified engineer, Alexandra looks after the complete manufacturing process. Alexandra recognises that to futureproof and take the business to the next level, she needs to bring onto the POK's ship, team members equipped with the right skills and who are ready for big challenges. Fluent in french, english and german, Alexandra is the best person to contact for innovative recruitment processes, fundraising, manufacturing and process optimization, project coordination, communication, IT, press and public relation.

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