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POK® strongly values customer service, as part of a high-quality customer communication, you will find on this page an overview of all departments and contacts who will be pleased to respond to your queries.


In the event you are unsure who to contact, please do not hesitate to call our switchboard who will transfer you to the right person. Our staff can speak english and french.

Phone: +33 (0) 37 49 53 - 000
Email: info [at] pok-fire.com

Your key contacts

Export sales department | Phone: +33 (0) 37 49 53 - 270 | Email: export [at] pok-fire.com

Marie-Claude Blasco
Export Sales Manager

Phone: +33 (0) 37 49 53 - 271
Email: marie-claude.blasco [at] pok-fire.com

Marie-Claude Blasco, our export sales manager for Europe, North America and South America. She is your contact for all technical and commercial requests. You can contact her in french, english, german and spanish.

France, Monaco and Overseas France sales department | Phone: +33 (0) 37 49 53 - 260 | Email: france [at] pok.fr

Aurélie Degardin
Office Sales Manager for the South-East of France, Corsica and Monaco Key Accounts

Phone: +33 (0) 37 49 53 - 262
Email: aurelie.degardin [at] pok.fr

As a sedentary sales representative for key accounts in the South-East of France as well as for the Corsica and Monaco sectors, Aurélie Degardin is your contact for all technical and commercial requests, but also for all your questions concerning the follow-up of your orders in the sectors mentioned. Please send your requests in French.

Brice Petident
Office Sales Manager for the North-West of France Key Accounts and French Overseas Departments and Territories

Phone: +33 (0) 37 49 53 - 264
Email: brice.petident [at] pok.fr

Sales representative for key accounts in the northern France, Brice Petident is your contact for all technical, commercial requests and for all orders update for customers based in the north-west and in the French overseas departments and territories. Brice will also respond to requests from firefighting brigades. You can contact him in french.

Ludivine Bizeray
Sales Assistant for the Ile-de-France & South-West of France

Phone: +33 (0) 37 49 53 - 261
Email: ludivine.bizeray [at] pok.fr

Sales assistant for the Ile-de-France (Departments 77 - 91 - 93 - 95) and for the South-West of France, Ludivine Bizeray is responsible for the administrative and logistical support of sales orders. She is your contact for any request regarding your order. You can contact her in french.

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